Unireso is made up of seven public transport companies joined together in one network (CTI):

Mission of a public transport network:

what is unireso?

A public transport network like unireso aims to simplify travel within the geographical zone that it covers by offering:

  • One single price plan, simple and consistent, brought about through cooperation between the network operators and the organisational authorities of the unireso zone, valid for the entire zone and all modes of public transport offered by the partnering companies.
  • One single ticket valid for the geographical zone covered by the network.
  • The possibility to use the 4 modes of transport offered by the network’s public transport operators: bus, tram, train and boat.
  • One single contact for any questions regarding ticket prices for transport with the 7 partners in the Greater Geneva region.

unireso: some key dates

  • 1 July 2001: creation of unireso’s integrated network (“Communauté Tarifaire Intégrale”) by 3 founding operators: tpg (Geneva public transport), CFF (Swiss federal railways) and SMGN (Mouettes Genevoises boat service).
  • 2004: creation of a regional pricing agreement. Two operators, Annemasse public transport (TAC) and Nyon public transport (TPN) join CFF, tpg and SMGN. The network thereby extends to France and the canton of Vaud. In December, creation of the unique zone 10, named All Geneva.
  • 2005: the night buses of the Noctambus Association adopt the unireso pricing on their lines. SNCF, with the two lines TER Annemasse – Ambilly – Geneva-Eaux-Vives and Pougny-Chancy – La Plaine join unireso.
  • 2006: SA T-Frossard, now called Transdev-SAT, joins unireso with lines T71 Thonon – Geneva, T 72 and 73 Annecy-Geneva.
  • 2011: Alpbus RA TP-DEV also joins the network with the route Saint-Gervais – Geneva.
  • End of 2014: introduction of new prices following Avivo’s Initiative 146: “Stop the price increases on Geneva public transport!”
  • 2015: Pilot project to integrate a modular pass in the unireso and Mobilis networks for commuters in the region between Rolle and Geneva.

And the future....
In 2015 the SwissPass was launched in Switzerland for the General Abonnement and Half-Fare travelcards. The unireso and Mobilis networks were chosen as pioneers for the integration of their monthly and yearly passes with the SwissPass. The integration will take place at the end of 2016.

In addition, at the end of 2019 the RER France-Vaud-Geneva, named Léman Express, will complete the offering and be accessible with unireso tickets.

unireso: a few key figures
In 2015, unireso included:

  • 1 operational cell of 4 people
  • 1 price plan, simple and consistent
  • 7 public transport operators
  • 4 modes of transports: bus, train, tram, boat
  • 14 953 447 single tickets
  • 627 475 monthly passes
  • 109 175 yearly passes
  • 879 810 day tickets