Annual Report

Each year, unireso publishes an annual report presenting its financial statements and the activities of Geneva’s public transport network during the preceding year.

A word from Christoph Stucki, Chairman of unireso – 2015 Annual Report

2015 was the network’s first year of implementation of two quadrennial service contracts concluded with the organising authorities for the zones “All Geneva” and “unireso regional”. But even more notably, it was the first year of application of reduced prices for unireso’s “All Geneva” zone, following the results of the vote on Initiative 146 “Stop the price increases on tpg!” 

At the end of the year, sales figures corresponded to the forecasts of unireso’s partners. Indeed, the modifications in the price of each kind of ticket removed any coherence from the fare structure that had been developed over the years. Consequently, our customers massively switched to those tickets whose prices had dropped most substantially, starting with the yearly pass at CHF 500. Already committed to public transport, the holders of monthly passes switched to this pass, which was much more attractive. The ambition of attracting new customers, expressed by those who launched the initiative for new prices, unfortunately did not have the desired effect, and practically all that was observed was a transfer of customers from one kind of ticket to another.

In Geneva as elsewhere, the price variable is far from being the main driver in changing people’s habits when it comes to transport.

The revenue collected by the end of 2015 was not far from the level anticipated by unireso when it prepared the budget for “All Geneva”. The loss of revenue brought about by Initiative 146 was covered by the Canton, in accordance with the service contract for 2015-2018.

The use of public transport within the Geneva area progressed to a moderate degree, largely corresponding to the natural growth of the population in 2015. The total number of currently valid passes continues to increase, as in previous years, which is encouraging.

Beyond overall sales levels, the formula for distributing revenue from unireso’s “All Geneva” zone was also modified for the first time in 2015, following 25 years of a fixed formula. A dynamic formula is now effective, and it will be modifiable every year as a function of the number of trips and distance travelled for each operator. This is a major step forward, allowing an adaptation to the reality of the services used. This principle of distribution brings unireso closer to the distribution standards used by most other public transport networks in Switzerland.

Regarding unireso regional, it is gratifying to note that the number of customers has continued to increase, which has contributed to a steady growth in revenue over the years. Practically all the regional zones have seen this increase, which can also be explained by the growth in population in neighbouring France and Vaud.

I also want to mention unireso’s numerous achievements during the year, including partnerships, new products, communications and ongoing projects. They are numerous and diverse, and I invite you to enjoy exploring them on the pages of this report.

Finally, I would like to thank the unireso team that liaises with the transport companies and represents an essential component in the smooth functioning of the network.

Christoph Stucki 
Chairman of unireso

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