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Ou Bien n° 13?!

15 November 2016

Here it is! The last edition of 2016 of your Ou Bien ?! Available in the usual places from the 1st of December, the newspaper will also be distributed in the mailboxes of unireso's annual subscribers and to the general public at Cornavin station. During this sampling a little gift will be given with your Ou Bien?! .

This edition will reveal you all the news of your public transports in Geneva and it's surroundings from the 11th of December! New schedules, new lines, news offers, fares, ... thanks to Ou Bien?! You will know everything! 

And of course, your newspaper will give you all the good tips and the best addresses you have to discover absolutely to go out or to shop during the festive season! 

unireso and the editorial staff of Ou Bien wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year 2017! 

27 September 2016

1 September 2016

1 September 2016

P+R near you to facilitate your mobility in Geneva and surroundings

1 September 2016

For many years, P+R (Park + Ride) facilities exist to make it easier to travel in Geneva and surroundings. They offer a package combining a daily, monthly or yearly parking pass as well as a corresponding unireso All Geneva public transport ticket (day ticket, monthly and yearly pass for All Geneva). These passes are issued by the Parking Foundation once it has received the registration form, a copy of the vehicle registration card and an attestation from the employer. Parking and travelling in Geneva has never been simpler! The only conditions for obtaining a space: live and work more than 2 km from the car park and not have public transport near your home (300 m). Today, 23 P+R are available throughout the canton. The Versoix P+R near the CFF train station, the Sécheron P+R, ideally situated in the area of les Nations near to the international organisations, and the brand new P+R in the Vergers eco-neighbourhood in Meyrin all await you.

1 July 2016